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Welcome to Van Niekerk &
Jansen Van Rensburg Attorneys

Alongside our extensive experience and passion, we can assure peace of mind and due diligence when dealing with any matter.

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We are a vibrant, young law firm in the greater Overberg region with the values and dignity that have become accustomed to the what an attorney is supposed to be.

We have a fresh, different and unconventional approach to the profession.

Our firm is headed up by our two directors, Luan van Niekerk and Wihan Jansen van Rensburg, both whom are graduates of the North West University Potchefstroom campus.

  • Transfers of Fixed Property
  • Registration of Bonds
  • Drafting of Wills
  • Road Accident Fund

  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Practices
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Correspondent & Labour Law

At Van Niekerk & Jansen van Rensburg Attorneys we have extensive experience in a wide variety of law where no matter is deemed to be too big or too small.



Managing Director
Luan van Niekerk

luan van niekerk jlvn attorney

LLB. Bachelor of Law (NWU)

Wihan Jansen van Rensburg

wihan jansen van rensburg jlvn attorney

LLB. Bachelor of Law & Business Management

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship & Business Management



Transfers of Fixed Property

Asset transfers from one business unit or account to another. You can transfer assets based on the entire account structure (business unit, object, and subsidiary) or a portion of the account structure.

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Registration of Bonds

We negotiate with banks on your behalf to ensure you get the best offer and interest rate. The registration process usually takes about six to eight weeks. After the bank has approved your loan, the bank will ask the bond attorney to register a mortgage bond.

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Drafting of Wills

We have an extended knowledge with regards to estate planning, drafting of wills, trusts and testamentary trusts. We find that many of our clients do not have wills and/or that they have not renewed their wills for some time and that in many cases estate planning is necessary.

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Road Accident Funds

Most Road Accident Fund claims are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning that our legal fees only become payable on the date your claim is settled by the Fund. Kindly note further that these particular claims must be lodged with the Road Accident Fund within 2(two) years or 3(three) years depending on the circumstances, failing which the claim will prescribe.

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Civil Litigation

We have an extended civil litigation practice, which includes but is not limited to High Court litigation. Magistrate Court litigation, evictions etc. Please take notice that if you do not summons within 3 years of the date of the cause of action your claim will become prescribed.

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Commercial Practice

With regards to our commercial practice, we cover a vast field of services which includes drafting of contracts, sales of businesses, registration / amendments of Companies, Close Corporations, Trusts etc.

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Registering and Transferring of Liquor Licenses

Should you purchase a business selling liquor, it is important to purchase it subject to the liquor license being transferred to you.

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Please take notice that due to modern technology and capable correspondents your conveyancing work and estate administration can these days be done by an attorney of your choice notwithstanding the situation of your property.

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Labour Law

We have extensive experience in all aspects of Labour Law, most of these matter are very time sensitive so make an appointment with our offices without delay.

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